SingleSpun Lace ~ Nurturing Fibres

SingleSpun lace is a soft and dreamy yarn. Perfect for dreamy shawls and scarves. This soft yarn can be worn directly against the skin.

Weight: Lace
Yardage: 620 meters (678 yards)
Unit weight: 100 grams (3.53 ounces)
Needle Size: 3mm to 4mm needles
Fibres: 100% Merino

Soft Palette 2017 
Cherry Blossom, Conch Shell, Glacier, Knysna, Lunar, Monsoon, Pear, Silver.

Vintage Palette 2016
Aged Leather, Brambles, Candy, Cedar, Coquette, Driftwood, Humbug, Marmalade, Massy, Monette, Odette, Ouma’s Quilt, Quince, Roxy’s Cafe, Satchel, Sea Glass, Shipwrecked, Smokey Nights, Straw, Summer Meadow, Vanilla, Venice, Vintage Rose.