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Nurturing Fibres

Nurturing fibres ~ the Art of well dyed yarns.

The Nurturing Fibres yarn dyeing team work keep busy ensuring that you can get great yarns to keep your needles clicking away.

Carle’ has developed her dyeing methods over the last 12 years and dyes variegated, mottled, self striping and semi solid colourways. Her colour ways are inspired by nature, childhood memories, emotions, dreams and the good life that she lives. The colours are sometimes bold and other times they are more muted.

Carle’ hand selects her yarns to ensure they are the best quality merino wool, mohair and cotton available. She is proud of the high quality fibres that South African farmers produce, so [with the exception of cashmere] she works with yarns that come from SA farms and are locally spun.

**Colour ways are dyed in small dye lots to ensure a high standard and uniqueness.